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About Teknolog Logistics

Professionalism. Superior Quality. Punctuality.

As Teknolog International Logistics, we are a group company operating in international transportation, warehousing, distribution and many more areas with a wide range of services. At the heart of our business is the goal of providing our customers with perfect and effective logistics solutions. In this direction, Teknolog Air and Sea Cargo, Teknolog Insurance, Teknolog Lojistik S.A.R.L., Teknolog Lojistik Europa S.A. and Technolog Logistics France S.A.S. We integrate business processes at the highest level by hosting companies such as At the same time, Teknolog International Logistics LTD. STI. We have a strong presence in the local and international market.

Headquartered in Maltepe, Istanbul, our operations center is at the heart of all our activities. However, such as Hadımköy, Tuzla, Tepeören, Esenyurt, Başiskele, Bursa, İzmir, Manisa, Adana, Ankara, Eskişehir, Mersin, İskenderun, İstanbul Airport, Adnan Menderes Airport, Esenboğa Airport, Adana Airport, Gaziantep, Afyon, Antalya and Konya We maintain our presence in strategic regions as well. We have branches abroad in important centers such as Barcelona, Madrid, Irun, Paris, Luxembourg, Trieste, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

International Logistics

Teknolog Uluslararası Lojistik Demiryolu Kargo Taşımacılığı
Teknolog Uluslararası Lojistik Karayolu Kargo Taşımacılığı
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Teknolog Uluslararası Lojistik Denizyolu Kargo Taşımacılığı
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Having started its activities in 2016 as Altınyol Export Import Energy Nakliyat Industry and Trade Limited Company, and since 2023 Teknolog International Logistics Tic. Ltd. Sti. Our company, which continues on its way, offers international complete and partial transportation services in the fields of road, sea, air, railway, project and combined transportation. Our company, which is a member of the International Transporters Association of Turkey (UND), operates with a high quality and modern fleet such as 112 tow trucks and 141 trailers with C2 certificate.

Teknolog International Logistics is a leading customer solution partner in the sector with its global network and wide office network. With its expert staff and equipment, it works to meet the transportation needs in all countries of the world in the highest quality, economical and alternative way.

In the years since its establishment, Teknolog International Logistics has become a leading logistics company in 12 countries operating in the fields of transportation, contract logistics, foreign trade, customs and supply chain management. The company, which provides service with its wide company network and more than 2,000 experienced and expert personnel, offers its customers an uninterrupted and high quality service guarantee thanks to its modern and well-equipped infrastructure. It also proves that cooperation is built on strong foundations by establishing a solid communication network.

All these components, Teknolog Lojistik Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. is shaped as a strategic and multifaceted organization and how it strives to provide customers with unlimited logistics solutions.

Teknolog International Logistics shapes the business model by combining mind, emotion and consciousness. This unique approach is supported by being inspired by technology and aims to offer integrated, flexible and most effective solutions to customers.

The vision of always being one step ahead takes Teknolog International Logistics beyond being good enough. It not only contributes to the success of our customers, but also considers environmental, financial and social benefits.

Operating in a wide geography such as Turkey, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Sweden and Slovenia, Teknolog International Logistics provides services with modern distribution centers with a closed area of approximately 10,000 square meters. It also supports intermodal transportation with its 52 weekly block trains and a fleet of 26 vehicles. These features have made Teknolog International Logistics one of the leading logistics providers in Europe.




Kucukbakkalkoy Mah. Dereboyu Caddesi No:3/A
Brandium Residence R5 Block Floor:7 D:48 Ataşehir / İSTANBUL

+90 850 309 27 80

+90 536 226 37 24

+90 541 243 46 44

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